E-Purse System


E-Purse System

Rangkap Selari supply total solutions to the rapid growing demand of the latest market segment for the e-purse system for hotels and hostels.We supply:

  • Smart card terminal inclusive of the energy saver unit.
    • 4 x 20 characters LCD display.
    • Real time clock.
    • 4AC relay to control lights, TV and air-con. Expandable.
    • Current sensor switch board.
    • Mifare reader/write built in.
    • Can be customised based on requirements.
  • Hotel lock Model: 737 SMFAS 1100-PP-1003
    • Design: Simple with a classic look of hotel lock.
    • Handle: U-shape design for the ease of use.
    • Finish: Stainless steel with PVC coating. Stain free and corrosion free surface. (5 year guarantee*)
    • Material: Stainless steel.* Based on use of non-acetic and non-bleach cleaners.
  • Mifare Card
  • Back end software is able to issue guest smart card for e-purse prepaid usage of various electrical devices in the hotel room including TV, air-con etc.
    • The software is able to generate all usage reports and audits of pre-paid and post paid usage of electrical devices including the air-conditioning, tv, hairdryer etc.
    • Able to issue guest room key cards from same page.
    • The cards operate as energy saver in it is necessary for another activation of other non-chargeable electrical items like lighting, fan etc.
    • The issuing system creates specific room cards that cannot be interchanged.

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